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Frequently Asked Questions

  How do register my dog for boarding and/or daycare?

Please fill out our online registration form or if you prefer to give us call, we would be more than happy to take your information over the phone at 770-807-6877. Once we have obtained all the necessary information we will then contact your vet for current vaccine records. One of our receptionists will then call to schedule a temperament test and go over any vaccines that may be missing or need updating.

  What is a temperament test?

Our trained staff will evaluate your dog based on temperament, size, social skills and activity level. They will be introduced slowly into the most appropriate play yard once they seem comfortable and confident in doing so. This process is tailored to each individual dog and typically last a minimum of two hours. Temperament test are free of charge so we encourage taking advantage of the full day. Please note that this environment is not for every dog and if we find its not be the best fit for your dog we will contact you immediately.

  How do I book a boarding reservation?

You can book a reservation online or contact us by phone at 770-807-6877. If you have not registered your dog please do so prior to making a reservation.

  What do I need to bring for boarding?

We ask for their food to please be pre-portioned and packaged individually for each meal. If necessary we can provide food for a small fee. However we strongly recommend bringing their own. Changing their food abruptly may cause an upset stomach. Stainless steel bowls will be provided.

Every dog will be provided with a raised orthopedic cot and blankets to ensure their stay with us is a cozy one. We do not accept beds or blankets from home. Other items we do not accept because of safety concerns are toys, rawhides or anything else that can be seen as a choking hazard. During check in you will have a option to have a peanut butter or pumpkin kong provided to them at bed time for a small fee.

  What vaccines are required?

Dogs over 1 year of age:
  • Rabies 1yr or 3yr
  • DHLPP or DHPP 1yr or 3yr
  • Canine Influenza (H3N8 & H3N2) 1yr
  • Bordetella 6 months (please note some vets administer this yearly, however they will provide it every 6 months when requested)
  • DHLPP or DHPP (3 rounds minimum)
  • Bordetella
  • H3N8 & H3N2 (2 rounds)
  • Rabies
We encourage all our dogs to be on monthly flea and heartworm prevention. As well as staying up to date on recommended testing by your veterinarian.

  Do you require all dogs to be spayed or neutered?

Yes, all dogs 8 months or older must be altered for daycare and boarding services. Puppies under 8 months of age may be unaltered. Grooming services do not require for a dog to be altered.

  How do I schedule a grooming appointment?

Please call 770-807-6877 to schedule. If this is your first time please fill out the reservation online or if you prefer we can do so when you call to schedule.

  Do you have a cancelation policy?

All boarding reservations that require a deposit are fully refundable if canceled two weeks prior to your check in day. A one night deposit is required on reservations during holidays and school breaks (Fall/Winer/Spring). Deposits will be applied towards your stay at checkout.

  Do you offer a discount on extended stays?

A 10% discount will be applied on a stay of 7 nights or more. A 15% discount will be applied on a stay of 14 nights or more.

  Do we administer medications?

Yes, we will administer your dog's medication(s) and at no charge. We ask that all medication(s) is brought in it's original packaging. Please do not mix medications in with their meals.

  Can my dog get their vaccines updated at your facility?

Yes, Bridge Park Animal Hospital, which we highly recommend, can provide that service here for you. This service is available Monday thru Saturday to all grooming, daycare and boarding dogs. There is a required time frame for these services please speak with the front desk for details.